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Wild river package

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Northwest Mistassibi River


Includes 5 days of canoeing on the Mistassibi river

60% of rapids and 40% of lakes and flatwater

** Departure to Mistassibi-Ouest on 23 to 31 of august 2014.

We are looking for people to fill up a group either

for transportation logistic or a full package, contact us. **


Short description: The Northwest Mistassibi River

This canoe-camping expedition allows you to experience nature in its purest form. Starting from the 51st parallel in a taïga-like landscape; down the Northwest Mistassibi River, through the glacial valley of Lac au Foin. Breathtaking spectacle. You will fish pike and walleye on the shores of sandy beaches. A totally wild territory awaits to spellbound you. Discover an exciting adventure in the heart of a wild river.

LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate


Day 1: Meeting and transportation to the place of departure

After breakfast (not included), we meet before departure. We then head to the Northwest Mistassibi River by taking the road to Lac Saint-Jean. Reaching the point of departure in the late afternoon. There, we will prepare our tents, have dinner and camp. Beforehand, your guide will prepare you for the next few days by giving you some basic canoe classes.

Day 2 to 6: Enjoy the River

Traveling down the river about 80 km; we will camp on the beautiful white sand beaches seen along the route; several Class I and II rapids and some Class III rapids. During these five days, you will follow the rhythm of nature with your guide that will ensure the comfort of every family members. Scenery and healing guaranteed!

Day 7: Back to "town"

Finish decending the river and where we will be picked up by minibus and taken to Chicoutimi. End of OrganisAction's program.

Photo sharing and feedback in Chicoutimi.

⇒ We suggest you the following accommodations : l’Auberge de Jeunesse de Saguenay (www.ajsaguenay.com) or l’Auberge Villa au Pignon Vert (www.aubergevilla.com)


⇒ Price :

  • Adult : 1 250$ Taxes included

  • Children/Teenagers (12-17 years old) : 1 075 $ Taxes included

Contact us for special prices for groups.

The package includes:

  • Transportation by minibus from Chicoutimi to the place of departure and return.
  • Supervision by a qualified guide throughout the program
  • All meals * (6 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 6 dinners and snacks)
  • The 6 nights of backcountry camping
  • Basic camping equipment** (tent, sleeping pads, cooking equipment, etc.)..
  • Canoeing and water sports equipments (1 canoe / 2 people)
  • Park's access fees
  • Fishing authorization fees
  • A DVD of the photos of your expedition
  • The liability insurance
  • Compensation of the greenhouse gas emissions for your transportation
  • Surprises!!

* Please note that we pay special attention to the composition of our menus. These are prepared by the guide. Healthy meals throughout your expedition. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions.

** Participants must provide their own sleeping bags.

Not included:

  • Personal expenses
  • Tips

Details of the required equipment:

  • Sleeping bag **
  • Camera
  • Water bottle **
  • Towels
  • Headlamp **

** we can provide them upon request

Details of clothing to bring:

  • Bathing suit
  • Synthetic clothing
  • Clothing to get dry
  • Windbreaker and waterproof raincoat (top and bottom)
  • Clothing for the evening (warm, cotton ok)

In the Aboriginal language,

Mistassibi means "Great River"

The Mistassibi river source comes from north of Lac St. Jean in the region of Lac Carole above the 50th parallel. The wild water flows in a southerly direction to empty into the Lac St-Jean. We offer a stretch of 80 km downstream from the Lac Daniel to the Brûle-Neige river. From the Lac Daniel to the beautiful Lac au Foin, except for two falls, the river meanders lazily into the mountainous landscape which is a excellent place to observe animals. After the Lac au Foin, which worth the trip for itself, follows a section of rapids over 48 km. The river then grows through many tributaries. Throughout the sometimes very steep valley, you will see breathtaking scenery. The very low ridership combined with magnificent scenery gives the title Mistassibi wild river of the middle northern Quebec. The Quebec federation of canoe-camping also has assigned a rating of 4 stars.


  • Wild river with little human contact
  • Boreal and taïga vegetation
  • The Lac au Foin
  • The sandy beaches and picturesque campsites
  • The introduction to fishing (pike, trout, ...)

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