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Boutik Hors-Cricuit
First customer to ask for OrganisAction's services in order to develop exclusive services within the topic of nature observation; «Faunistic eco-safari» for their customers, mainly europeans.
Saguenay Park, Saguenay Saint-Laurent Park, Monts-Valin Park and the Pointe Taillon Park. Management of conservation territories. The four parks of the region offer several activities easily accessible.
Offers adventure tourism specialized in white water kayak. White water packages for children are also available thanks to adapted crafts. To be seen and experienced as a family. The Torrent Center makes reachable the several rivers around the Lac-Saint-Jean and the Saguenay River thanks to experienced guides.
The main place for your adventure in the Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean region. We are using the warehouse of the Youth Hostel as our shop «La salle d’expédition». OrganisAction's office is located inside the Youth Hostel, which give us a well establisehd place in a public heritage building.
Adventure tourism company specialized in rafting, sportyak etc.. H2O Rafting makes it easier to have fun on the several rivers around the Lac-Saint-Jean and Saguenay River thanks to experienced guides.
Provider of big thrills since the beginning of the millenium, the cooperative Capjaseux offers several activities for nature, adventure and thrills fanatics. An experience between earth, water and air which will meet your needs.
Training center for a safe sailing activity and cruise provider. Cruise school Mercator owns high-quality boats, among which a catamaran that can welcome several persons for one to several days of cruise with an epxerienced captain on board.
This corporation manages, develops and promotes the Notre-Dame-de-Kapatakan trail (little route of Santiago de Compostela).
Cooperative of tourism services in Métabetchouan. The beginning of your adventure in the Lac-Saint-Jean region. It brings together a coffee-bar, an outside equipments rental shop and a training place for kite surf. All the services are offered by a dynamic and professional team.
Local provider of cruises in the Fjord and on the Saguenay River. Last year, this company celebrated its 35 years. Since the beginning, 3 boats were added in order to better meet customer's needs. One fjord and 4 boats; a great alliance to create wonderful experiences and above all, accessible to everybody.
This trampoline recreation center enables each participant to have safe and supervised acrobatics activities. Each site has 4 trampolines; which enables families and friends to play and challenge each other simultaneaously. We are lucky to have 2 equipments here in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. A first site is located in the Old Port in Chicoutimi during the summer time while the other one moves around the region to go from camping sites to festivals.
Adventure tourism company specialized in sea kayak in the Saguenay Fjord. The fanatic owners help making the beauty of the Fjord accessible to everyone thanks to experienced guides. High-quality equipments and gastronomie. Trip up to 5 days long.
Holiday resort near Tadoussac and giving access to the beautiful Saguenay Fjord. Wide accomodation offer, summer and winter activities. Family and customized packages available.
Entre chien et loup:
Plein Air de l'Anse is specialized in sled dog expeditions. This organization offers different packages like half a day with sled dog or 6-days trip with sled dog.
Exploration, raid and sled dog trips. Dominic and his mushers will help you discover the beautiful features of Quebec with sled dogs.
Auberge Duboutdumonde:
Located in a beautiful venue, the Auberge du boutdumonde offers a low-cost accomodation to travelers who want to visit Anse-Saint-Jean (village member of the Most beautiful village association in Quebec), the Saguenay Park or practise winter sport in the Mont-Édouard. Several outdoor activities are available, summer and winter near this youth hostel.

Sentier "Les Murailles":

Located near the longest intracontinental Fjord of the world, the path "Les Murailles" offers more than 100 km of delineated trail. You will discover the Bas-Saguenay area, designed centuries ago by glacier moves.

Village Vacances Petit-Saguenay:
Overlooking the beautiful Saguenay Fjord and offering a stunning view on a huge beach, the Village-Vacances Petit-Saguenay is a priviledged place for holidays where the Fjord and the mountain coexist in an amazing scenery.
Centre de Villégiature au Pied d'Édouard: Édouard les Bains, Le Vebrons, Comptoir d'Édouard :
The pied d’Édouard offers accomodation near Mont-Édouard ski slopes. For nature lovers, this holiday resort offers a wide choice of activities for everybody.
La Martingale:
Located in St-Honoré, in the Chicoutimi area, Québec, The Martingale offers equestrian services for everybody, accomodations, classes and other activities.
Centre Équestre des Plateaux:
Give yourself the opportonutity to discover the Saguenay Fjord on a horse ... an exciting experience! 3 hours to 5 days horse hikes in an amazing scenery. Beginners or amateurs, a team of experienced guides is waiting for you to make your dream come true in all safety.

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