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Who are we ?

OrganisAction is an independent company originating from passionates of nature and adventures tourism.

OrganisAction completes its offers with local partners to insure the best culture and nature experience of the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean. This is the fundamental cornerstone of OranisAction’s mission.

A human mission:

OrganisAction's mission is to develop, organize, promote and implement unique and customized plans and activities in a nature tourism context. Through a multidisciplinary group of expert guides and a large network of well-known partners, it ensures the quality of your experience and your safety in the outdoor adventures in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region.



A name inspired by Edgar Morin

OrganisAction comes from the world of biology. It means continuous and permanent interaction between the billions of beings who populate the universe to satisfy their existence. The terminology goes back to the concept of action and organization that are the foundation of the services of OrganisAction.

Activity and holiday package deals in any season:

Partner Aquasud, we have a certified travel agent license which provides security for our customers and our partners. We provide our visitors a great variety of ecotourism packages in any season. The packages offered usually last between half a day and a week, and our à la carte activities can take several weeks.

A business idea inspired by the cooperative environment:

Since the setting up of OrganisAction, the coordinators work together for the development of a social tourism company in order to improve the working conditions of qualified guides.

The nature tourism guides who work for OrganisAction are all commissioned in their field. Several other guide assistants come, from time to time, to help them and OrganisAction makes sure to take resources from the network of tourism or biology universities or other domain.

Many Canadian and international interns work at OrganisAction and help to diversify the cultural influence of the organization. Our goal is to promote the creativity by giving them the opportunity to take part in our activities. Sometimes, volunteers also come to help support the actions or work needed to improve the services we offer.

Thank you to all the former, current and future interns and volunteers!

OrganisAction is proud of its eco labels and certifications testifying its commitment for the protection of the environment and the development of a more sustainable tourism.