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Who are we ?


Saguenay adventures (OrganisAction)

The word OrganisAction, inspired by the work of the French philosopher, Edgar Morin, comes from the world of biology. Roughly, it relates the continuous and permanent interactions that sustain the existence of the billions of beings that populate the universe. This terminology brings us to the notions of action and organization. These are the very foundations of the services offered by OrganisAction.

A human mission

Located at the heart of the Saguenay Fjord, Saguenay adventures offers outdoor tourism, discovery and adventure experiences, as well as safe and personalized nature tours on both water and land. Saguenay adventures guarantees a unique experience and aims to exceed the expectations of its regional, provincial, and international clientele.

Our vision

A leader in the adventure tourism industry of Northern Quebec, OrganisAction is recognized regionally, provincially, and internationally as the standard of excellence for its nature tours and other activities. These are always meticulously planned, by a proud and committed team, which makes the comfort and happiness of its customers their top priority.

Our values

Trust, flexibility, respect, passion, and quality

Our pillars

Heart of Fjord

The nautical and terrestrial playground of Saguenay adventures is at the heart of the majestic Saguenay Fjord, located at the border of three beautiful regions of Quebec: the North Shore (Tadoussac), Charlevoix and Saguenay/Lac-St-Jean.

The comfort of our clientele

We offer experiences of a lifetime, where nature is at its purest and where guests will find themselves in a comfortable and friendly environment.

A proud and committed team

Saguenay adventures is an employer of choice and makes sure it offers careers in a lively environment that combines nature and adventure while finding a balance between work and personal life.

Agents for travel packages in all seasons

As a Partner of Groupe Aquasud, we are in effect a certified travel agent that ensures the safety of our customers and our partners. We offer our visitors a wide range of year round nature tourism and ecotourism packages. The packages offered are usually half a day to one week long, and our à la carte activities can be spread out and personalized over several weeks.

An idea inspired by the multiple environments of Mont Valin National Park

Since the creation of Saguenay adventures, the co-coordinators have worked together to develop a social tourism business with the continuing goal of improving the working conditions of qualified guides. The adventure tourism and ecotourism guides who work for OrganisAction are all accredited in their fields and are often accompanied and supported by assistant guides. We strive to draw resources from the network of tourism based educational institutions, biology, or other related fields of expertise. Several local and international trainees join us in order to diversify the organization’s cultural influence. Thus, creativity is encouraged by involving them in our operations. Sometimes, volunteers help with work or chores dedicated to improving these operations.
Thank you to all our trainees and volunteers, past, present and future!

Thank you to all the former, current and future interns and volunteers!

OrganisAction is proud of its eco labels and certifications testifying its commitment for the protection of the environment and the development of a more sustainable tourism.

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