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Vehicle Transfer and Shuttles

OrganisAction offers two transportation services :

  • The vehicle transfer service enables us to take your car from place A and bring it back to you at place B, in order to make your speditions or hikes easier. Several routes may be available on request. (see chart below)
  • Shuttles with our mini-van and driver are available with a minimum of 6 persons.
    For this service, do not hesitate to contact us for the possible routes.

Rates valid for vehicle transfer on the south shore of the Saguenay Fjord

Saguenay National Park, Seapark of Saguenay-Saint-Laurent and Notre-Dame Kapatakan path


Rates* + tax

Rivière-Eternité to L’Anse-Saint Jean

90$ + tax

Rivière-Eternité to Quai de Petit Saguenay

95$ + tax

Rivière-Eternité to Anse St Etienne

100$ + tax

Rivière-Eternité to Baie Ste Catherine

210$ + tax

Rivière-Eternité to Tadoussac

240$ + tax

L’Anse St Jean to Petit Saguenay

95$ + tax

La Baie to L’Anse St Jean

110$ + tax

La Baie to Baie Ste Catherine

220$ + tax

La Baie to Petit Saguenay

120$ + tax

Rivière-Eternité to Ermitage Lac Bouchette

225$ + tax

Shuttle North-East or North-West Mistassibi River 850$ + tax
St-Rose-du-Nord to Tadoussac 165$ + tax

* + tax, insurance included and greenhouse gas offsetting with Carbone Boreal

If you are interested in our service, please feel free to fill out our online form on the following page : Vehicle transfer form (french)

Other routes are available on request, contact us for more information.

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