Winter sports weekend at Anse Saint-Jean |

Winter sports weekend at Anse Saint-Jean

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This package is designed exclusively for Quebecers in order to provide a complete experience in the Bas-Saguenay sector. Activities accessible to all, strong emotions and comfort guaranteed. In partnership with Mont-Édouard, Entre Chien et Loups, Base Camp and OrganisAction, we are offering you a colorful weekend to enjoy with family or friends.

The package includes:

- 2 nights accommodation at the Base Camp Auberge

- 2 dinners at the Auberge Camp de Base

- One day of snowmobile rental with OrganisAction *

- A half-day guided dog sledding with Entre Chiens et Loups

- A half-day skiing at Mont-Édo uard (Possibility of including the equipment according to your choice with additional costs) **

Are not included:

- The deductible of $ 2,900 per snowmobile (a credit card number is required for rental)

- Morning and noon meals - Very cold clothes are not included 40 $ additional per person

- Tips for guides

From $ 650 plus taxes / person (price from 4 people)

Winter 2020-2021 25% discount Explore Québec 487,50$ per persone plus taxes (price from 4 people)


* 2 people per snowmobile, possibility of one snowmobile per person with additional costs

**** Guided high road skiing option available at additional cost

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