Winter pleasure package 4 days / 4 nights |

Winter pleasure package 4 days / 4 nights

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Multi-activities package

Come and enjoy winter in Saguenay by taking part in its most popular activities. We are known to get an average of between 4 to 6 meters or 13 to 20 feet of snow per year, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is the perfect destination to make the most of the winter; it's outside with us!. Our team of experienced and professional guides will make sure your experience is safe, comfortable and simply unforgettable!

Day 1: Arrival at the base camp in the morning, settling in, and backcountry/alpine skiing or ice fishing and hopefully a fresh fish supper!
Day 2: Dog sledding (lunch incuded in a warm cabin in the woods)
Day 3: Snowmobiling (lunch included in snowmobile relay lodge or hut)
Day 4: Snowshoeing (lunch included in a cabin on top of the mountain)

The package includes:
4 nights accommodation (the base camp is a Chalet)
4 lunchs
Dog sledding
Ice fishing
Professional guides
Liability insurance
Equipment and apparel
Offsetting greenhouse gas emissions for your trip

Not included:
Insurance deposit of $2900 (a credit card number is required for snowmobile)
Personal expenses

Details of the equipment provided:
Snowmobile gear for extreme cold
Safety equipment for snowmobiling
Warm clothing for dog sledding

Details of clothing to bring: These garments will be used for all active days.

Layering is recommended.

- Long underwear
- Polar fleece, synthetic clothing (sweaters), wool sweaters (top and bottom)
- Gloves / mittens, hat, scarf
- Warm socks (avoid cotton)
- Wind breaker (top and bottom)
- Clothing for the evening (warm, cotton is ok)
- Shoes for the evening (crocs, sneakers or slippers

Equipment required:
Backpack (15 to 30 litres) **
Reusable water bottle **
** Rental option available

From $1,699 + taxes per guest

Rate requires a minimum of 4 guests, (additional cost for group of2 or 3 guests)

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