Winter pleasure package 3 days / 3 nights

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Winter Activities

Come and enjoy winter in Saguenay by taking part in its most popular activities. Our area receives an average of 3 to 5 meters or 9 and 15 feet of snow per year, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is the perfect destination to make the most out of the winter; and it's outside with us! Our team of experienced and professional guides will make sure your experience is safe, comfortable and simply unforgettable!

Day 1: Snowmobiling (approx. 190 km or 120 miles)
You will be greeted in L'Anse-Saint-Jean by our guide, for a briefing on the three days to come. Once dressed warmly from head to toe with our snowmobile gear, we will load the material needed for the day and then its off into the magnificent backcountry of Lower Saguenay Fjord area. If conditions are right, you will explore the frozen Fjord and perhaps have the chance to meet fishermen, who will show you their catch of the day.
(include lunch)

Day 2: Snowshoeing Eco-safari
You will then head off toward the Mt-Édouard skiing area where you will be invited to discover wintertime nature in the company of your tour guide. Mother Nature will provide you with exceptional views. On and off-track, you will climb the mountain to your destination, a cabin on top of Mt Edouard. End the day by choosing to snowshoe in the back country around the mountain or just relax. You will return to your car and head to your base camp in L'Anse Saint Jean.
(include lunch)

Day 3: Dog Sledding
Experience the thrill of dogsledding accompanied by an experienced musher. By dog sled, you will discover Lac Emmuraillé, a long and narrow lake surrounded by cliffs.
(Lunch included)

The package includes:
- 3 nights accommodation;
- 3 lunches
- A day of snowmobiling
- A day on a snowshoeing eco-safari
- A day of dogsledding
- A professional guide
- Liability insurance
- Equipment and apparel can be added
- Offsetting greenhouse gas emissions of your trip
- Surprises!

Not included:
- Insurance deposit of $2,900 per snowmobile (a credit card number is required)
- Personal expenses
- Gratuities

Details of the equipment provided:
- Clothing for extreme cold for snowmobiling
- Safety equipment for snowmobiling
- Clothes for dogsledding
- Snowshoes

Details of clothing to bring to be used for dogsledding. Layering is recommended.
- Underwear
- Polar fleece, synthetic clothing (sweaters), wool sweaters (top and bottom)
- Gloves / mittens, hat, scarf
- Warm Socks (avoid cotton)
- Wind breaker (top and bottom)
- Clothing for the evening (warm, cotton is ok)
- Shoes for the evening (crocs, sneakers or slippers

We rent skiing equipment too!

Equipment required:
- Backpack or bag for transporting equipment (40 to 80 litres) **
- Backpack (15 to 30 litres) **
- Water bottle **
- Video camera or camera

Rates 2023-24:
From $ 1390 + taxes / person

Rate for a minimum of 4 person

Group rate available. Possibility to provide you with morning and evening meals!

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