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An Eco-safari is a guided hike, designed for you to observe and learn about the surrounding natural world. The naturalist guide will help you live an experience that is up close and personal with nature.

3 experience options:

3 hours, 6 hours, or 2 days - one night

Initiation – 3 hours

Immerse yourself into the natural world of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. You and your guide will explore the different wildlife habitats where you will meet and identify many of its inhabitants, such as lynx, moose, hare and more. This personalized activity allows you the opportunity to listen, touch and feel your way a deepened understanding of ecosystems.

This package includes:

- The « Eco-safari » hike (3h)
- Trail access fees

-Wild plant infusion tasting (weather permitting)

-Professional and passionate guide services

- Insurance

« Observe those who observe us » (6 hours)

In the company of a specialized guide you will explore the typical forests of our region. During your 6h hike, he will introduce you to the different forest species and their use. Your hike will take you to the edge of a lake where you will board a boat to meet this curious rodent and its habitat, hear, beaver! In addition to the footprints and mammals that the lucky ones will have the chance to observe, will guide you to learn the basic techniques of survival in the forest (or how to make a fire and build a shelter) and learn how to reduce your impact on the environment , when you are in the forest. If the period is favorable, you will discover the plants of the boreal zone and you will experience the gathering. Our eco-safari 3h and 6h are departing from La Baie.

This package includes:

· An "Eco safari" hike (6 hours),

· The tasting of an infusion of plants from the boreal forest (if conditions permit),

· Access rights to the trail,

· A lunch consisting of local products,

· The services of a professional guide,

· the insurance.

« Live at the rhythm of nature » (2 days / 1 night)

Nothing better than to live in the forest to truly immerse oneself in one's energy and be surprised by its richness. In the company of our guide specialized in local flora and fauna, reconnect with the wilderness that surrounds us. Learn how to recognize forest species and their uses, listen to the sounds around you and learn to recognize the birdsong or the sound of moving mammals and other cervids that inhabit our woods ... maybe you'll have the chance to meet one ... You will spend the night in a rustic camp. During your stay, you will participate in the daily tasks of living in the forest in winter, such as fetching water, preparing firewood, lighting and maintaining a fire ... Your guide will also send you basics of forest survival and will give you valuable tips to reduce your environmental impact. In the evening, If conditions permit, the guide will introduce you to some of the stars where you simply enjoy the warmth of the fire and the camp to let yourself be carried away by the many stories and legends that are hidden in the collective memories.

This package includes:

· An "Eco-safari" hike,

· Rental of camping equipment (sleeping bag, liner, camping kit),

· Accommodation in rustic camp,

· Meals based on a lunch, two dinners and a dinner,

· Access rights to the trail,

· The services of a professional guide,

· the insurance.


Per person + taxes 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons and more Group (8 or more)

Group prices: contact us for a personalized quote

3 hours 105$ 75 $ 60 $
6 hours 205 $ 150 $ 120 $
2 days / 1 night 465 $ 350 $ 295 $

Children from 0 to 4: Free (accompanied by a parent)

Booking conditions and cancellation policy Booking conditions

- Our packages are offered by reservation, 48 hours in advance.

- A deposit of 50% of the total amount of the invoice is requested upon booking.

- The balance of the invoice must be paid 30 days before the date of the activity.

- If the reservation is made within 30 days before the scheduled date of the activity, the total amount of the invoice must be paid at the time of booking.

- No reservation is guaranteed without down payment.

- Cancellation Policy 7 days or more before the date of the activity: reimbursement up to 90% of the amount paid.

- Between 3 and 6 days: reimbursement up to 50% of the amount paid.

- 2 days or less before the date of the activity: no refund.

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