Package 3 days snowmobiling |

Package 3 days snowmobiling

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The 3-day snowmobile package offers the possibility of discovering the wonders from Charlevoix to the Fjord. Explore unknown territories of the winterland with our team of experienced guides who are keen to share with you in a safely way the treasures of their region. In abundant snow conditions, on carefully maintained trails, let yourself be guided in unusual places that will make you see colorfull landscapes. With friends or family, this package is available to everyone.

This package included;

  • three overnights stays in a chalet (double occupancy) *
  • three meals a day
  • a professional and experienced guide (Ratio: 1 for 8 people)
  • snowmobile rental,
  • gasoline and oils,
  • full cold clothes (helmet, gloves, suit, boots),
  • insurance for damages over $ 2,900.00
  • trail access rights,

Our packages do not include tips for the guide.

Condition to be observed

From $ 1855 plus taxes / person (price from 4 people)

* Possibility for simple occupation

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