Eco- Safari packages- (Winter/Spring) |

Eco- Safari packages- (Winter/Spring)

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You'll be transported into the world of ecosystems and microsystems in the hinterland of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. You and your guide will explore the different wildlife habitats where you will meet and identify any of its inhabitants, such as cats, moose, hares ...
Besides mammals, take attention to trees or mountain ridges which often harbor birds, including some rare species.

Let yourself be impressed by the artistic creations of Mother Nature. You will discover more of the wealth of this territory and you have the chance to safely observe the beauties of the forests of Quebec. (Duration: 3 hours)


You will be picked up from the Hostel. A short meeting will incur where your guide will make a presentation, adjustment of clothing, an exchange of expectations and objectives of the guests that allows the guide to contextualization the eco-safari experience. There after, you must complete the forms of the acceptance of risks, medical information and the loan of equipment for the hike. You are then transported to the execution place and then back to your hostel at the end of the activity.

The guide is on hand from 20 to 45 minutes before the scheduled departure at 10:00 in the lobby of the hostel. If there are questions or concerns from the participants the guild will answers them at that time. The return back to the hostel takes place around 13: 00.

This package includes:

  • The hike "Eco-safari"
  • All necessary equipment (extra clothing, boots, snowshoes, poles)
  • The transportation to and from the hostel and access to the park
  • Energy food and an infusion of forest plants eaten within a traditional camp
  • Services of a professional guide
  • The safety and knowledge

Rates : (minimum 2 persons), taxes included

3H : From $109 per adult
6H :
From $ 239 per adult
36H : From $ 650 per adult

Children and teens :
3H : From $ 85 per pers.
6H : From $ 79 per pers.

36H : From $ 515 per pers.

Children from 0 to 4 : Free ( accompanied by a parent)

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