OrganisAction - Quebec Off The Beaten Path!

OrganisAction - Quebec Off The Beaten Path!


Guide service in nature tourism

with flat-rate fees

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Novelty 2018

Whales watching cruise starting from Anse-Saint-Jean. 


OrganisAction - Quebec off the beaten path! offers a wide range of packages or customized activities, from sea kayaking and rafting to eco-safari and much more!

Live an unforgettable adventures in our nice region !





"Discover the beauty of the Fjord-du-Saguenay with a sea kayak or a zodiac boat"

in the Fjord-du-Saguenay National Park, Rivière-Eternité district.


OrganisAction - Quebec Off the Beaten Path! It’s more than a million square kilometers of huge nature to be discovered from many ways. Thanks to its ever-growing network of partners, OrganisAction - Quebec Off the Beaten Path! innovates in the creation of added value through the networking of companies specialized in tourism. Located on a nice playground allowing the practice of a wide range of huge nature activities, OrganisAction distinguishes itself with the promise of offering and giving the opportunity to live genuine and eco-friendly huge nature experiences.

  • Thanks to the fulfillment of sea kayak, zodiac boat, eco-safari, canoe-camping and snowmobile experiences
  • Thanks to a transportation license and a minibus
  • Thanks to equipment rental
  • Thanks to guide rental
  • Thanks to the ownership of three youth hostels and a cultural bar
  • Thanks to more than 80 partners-suppliers of all kind of activities (culture, nature, accommodation, catering, aboriginal tourism,...)

 OrganisAction – Quebec Off the Beaten Path! is a real specialist of huge nature  destinations in Quebec


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