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Luxury Package - The Cozy Fjord

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Package price: $4043 + taxes (for 4 people)

The word Fjord makes us think of Scandinavia and Norway. The fact is the Saguenay Fjord is still fairly unknown. The longest Fjord in eastern Canada, it was carved out by glaciers many moons ago and flows for over 100 kilometers. This unique ecosystem is made up of mountains, cliffs and the stirring waters of the Saguenay River and the Saint-Lawrence Estuary. Head off onto the cobalt waters of this world, like the explorers of the past to discover this rich valley, its history and its resident beluga whales by kayak.

This kayaking and hiking experience will bring you north, where the landscapes are magnificent and wildlife abounds. Explore the Saguenay Fjord all the way to Tadoussac and learn how this waterway was an important route for many First Nations’ people of Canada. During the French colonisation period of the Americas, this river sea was also an important part of the fur trade. Kayak along this historical trail, glide beside impressive cliffs and float amongst the fascinating belugas that make this place their home.

This trip is orchestrated as an exclusive exploration by kayak, on foot and by zodiac down the Fjord. Our local expert guides love to show off their passion for the area, by sharing stories and legends as you discover the picturesque villages and live a unique adventure in this land of wonders. Hike to the most beautiful summit of the Fjord, paddle beside seals and observe the vast array of flora and fauna - all without giving up your comfort.

We are very proud that this trip has a positive impact on the local tourist economy all the way along the Fjord. This one-of-a-kind exclusive trip includes local fare in all meals with a touch of culture from around the Saguenay. You will stay in local hotels, cottages and inns, while eating in village restaurants and creating a positive impact on the local guides and other services.

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