Luxury package : The Fjord by kayak |

Luxury package : The Fjord by kayak

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Kayak the Fjord

Package price $2761 + taxes per person

For 5 days/5 nights

This is the only sea kayaking expedition that includes full boat support in the Fjord-du-Saguenay National Park. Find yourself surrounded by a natural world that is full of surprises and will simply take your breath away. Accompanied by an experienced kayak guide and a zodiac captain you will paddle 10 to 15 kilometers a day along rocky shores backed by cliffs, trees and trickling streams. 4 nights of camping in quiet bays, one night in an isolated cottage and 2 nights in beautiful hotels make up the accommodations for this deluxe adventure. The Saguenay Fjord is full of nature at its best and our kayak trip is set up with your two feet right in the water to make the most of it! Granit rock walls, beaches at low tide and endless forest make this glacial valley a special place to spend some quality time away from it all. Wolves, moose, black bear and beavers live beyond the shores, while belugas, seals and minke whales swim and fish its cool and dark waters. The itinerary is designed to show you the best the Fjord has to offer and gets you to places not all visitors have the chance to see. Stop in quaint coves, splash under a waterfall cascading down the cliff side right into the water and climb onto an island in the middle of Fjord. This trip combines history, culture, and of course a great big dose of much needed nature. The point of departure for our kayak adventure is the city of Saguenay. During our expedition down the Fjord from west to east you will camp in some truly amazing spots where the history of the fur trade and early logging years are part of the decor. Once in Tadoussac, not only do the two waterways of the Saguenay and the Saint-Lawrence meet in an impressive mix of fresh and saltwater, but the history of the location can also be felt from its roots all the way back to the first encounters between indigenous populations and the first Europeans.

We are very proud that this trip has a positive impact on the local tourist economy all the way along the Fjord. This one-of-a-kind exclusive trip includes local fare in all meals with a touch of culture from around the Saguenay. You will stay in local hotels, cottages and inns, while eating in village restaurants and creating a positive impact on the guides and other services. A chance to meet with the locals and learning about their relationship to the place is all part of this unique kayaking experience!

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