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Dear clients,

It is with great pleasure that the Organisaction Team informs you of the resumption of our summer activities in a safe environment, of course. first of all we would like to inform you but also reassure you regarding the current situation of COVID-19. Indeed, we are going to set up a COVID-19 health security plan, which meets the demands and requirements of the tourism industry. In order to offer you a memorable experience and quality service, here are our prevention recommendations.

Regarding the security measures to be adopted:

  • Before boarding, you and all of our team members will answer questions about your current medical condition.

  • We minimize contact points

  • It is compulsory to wear a mask on board, please bring your own mask if possible, Organisaction can provide one if necessary.

  • We respect the social distancing measures prescribed by the government.

  • Hand disinfection is compulsory for each passenger before and after the activity.

What Organisaction implements:

  • All our employees have specific training on health requirements

  • We set up a reception procedure to the standards

  • Equipment is disinfected before and after use.

  • Our company provides accessible disinfectant products for our customers.

We understand that its measurements are not usual, but we do our best to make your experiences both enjoyable and safe. Thank you for your collaboration to combine pleasure and safety gestures.

Organisaction team

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